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Go to sleep, it’s ok

i’ll be here to wipe the monsters away

hush now and close your eyes and dream of Magical land

In my  arms you’ll be safe and warm untill morning

but for now close your eyes and dream of lolipops and rainbows

I’ll be here when you open your eyes and see that the sun is shining

Every night i’ll hold you in my arms untill you drift off to dream land

So go to sleep, go to sleep my baby

i’ll be here forever and always.




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The room is cold but there’s a warm fire in the fireplace, he’s siting in the chair next to the fireplace. Thinking of his life and the choices he made that got him to where he is right now. Then suddenly a woman walks in hysterical and shivering says ” Please help me i have no where to go please..”

He takes  blanket and wraps her with and brings her to the chair next to the fireplace and says ” it’s alright don’t worry here have some tea i’ll keep you warm”. Then he watches her as she’s drinking the tea and calming down. He can’t help but to think that she has one of the most striking beautiful green eyes he’s ever seen. Then as she stares at him as she’s about to explain what happened to her…….


When he realizes that it was just a dream something inside of him died , as he’s laying in bed he wished that what he dreamed was real and that the girl he saw was real


This blog received the Inspiring Blog Award !

I’ve been nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award by Tinkerbell an excellent blogger. Her blog has one of the most amazing and brilliant writing from stories to poems. Honestly her writing stays in your mind long after you finished reading it. if you didn’t have a chance to check her blog i would highly recommend you do.

Thank You Tink ! for nominating me 🙂

I’m so happy that i get to nominate seven other bloggers for this award!

And the Nominees are.. Drum Roll Please :-

CrazYetWise she a Gemini who can’t help but to speak her mind about different topics from food, clothes, places she’s been and gives amazing reviews on different things. It’s always fun and insightful when you read her blog, so if you didn’t get a chance to check her blog out please do.

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All of these blogs are unique and inspiring in their own way so please take the time to check these blogs out.

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Hunger Games !


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I started reading the book Series the Hunger Games i found the charaters were written very well and enjoyed reading it. When i saw the movie that was based on the series i found it lacking some detailes that would have tied somethings a little better.

I honestly prefered the book more than the movie it’s just had those little things that make the story more interesting. i really hope the second one has more details.

What a Wonderful World


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The world is a wonderful place to be in , even though there’s wars and famine in the world. But with all of that going on there’s also thousands and thousands of  people helping by building houses, providing food and shelter to those who are in need. Also there are people who opened their hearts and homes  to provide a save haven for kids and orphans.The Ecologiest, Environmentalists, and volunteers who are working hard to save are species from extiction and making our natural resources availble for the next generations to come.

It’s enough that we have love, music, dancing, to make this world such a wonderful place. Also that there are soo many nice, kind hearted, honest, trustworthy people that makes this world beautiful and endearing place live.

How  can you say that our world is terrible place to live, when all of this amazing good things that are happening in the world.

Blue Eyes of the Ocean


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He stares at me

With those blue eyes.

never thought i could see

the ocean in someone’s eyes.

Never though that one look

Could change the whole world.

One Look can bring

someone’s soul back to life.

That it could make a life of

torture forgotton and gone.

The memory of those blue eyes

the world that it brought to me .

Sailing in those blue eyes

The magical sunsets we rode on

Now that the days has passed

And those blue eyes are distant memory

Wishing that i could go back to

the days when i was staring at those blue eyes

But all i have is the memories and the

Preciouse Pearls that we found.

Amazing people in our life

In the midst of darkness and despair, suddenly light appears to guide you out of darkness. You concentrate on that light and fight your way through the darkness to reach it.

Then when you reach that light and get out of that darkness you find that the light was something you never expected. It was the Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Friend, and your partner that never gave up on you that stood by you when you were in your lowest point of your life who never gave up on you, Even though you have lost faith in your self and in the world.

They brought back your love of life, They are your reason to live , the good you see in the world.

You will always be grateful to have those people in your life because without them life seems pointless.


Hi Everyone

My Name is Noura

I’m using this blog to express my many different moods towards this world. All the ideas that i get and questions and concerns i have about different things especially writing.

Also i would like to meet new people and also read other peoples work which i would love to do because anything that has to do with writing i just love.

My ultimate dream is to be a successful journalist or columnist hopefully this would we a good start in that direction.

Hope you enjoy it