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The room is cold but there’s a warm fire in the fireplace, he’s siting in the chair next to the fireplace. Thinking of his life and the choices he made that got him to where he is right now. Then suddenly a woman walks in hysterical and shivering says ” Please help me i have no where to go please..”

He takes  blanket and wraps her with and brings her to the chair next to the fireplace and says ” it’s alright don’t worry here have some tea i’ll keep you warm”. Then he watches her as she’s drinking the tea and calming down. He can’t help but to think that she has one of the most striking beautiful green eyes he’s ever seen. Then as she stares at him as she’s about to explain what happened to her…….


When he realizes that it was just a dream something inside of him died , as he’s laying in bed he wished that what he dreamed was real and that the girl he saw was real